Change of Feed Address (Feedburner)

February 26, 2007

As this is a WordPress hosted blog, and I can’t fiddle with the head meta-tags…

I’ve switched to a feedburner RSS feed – if you are subscribed to the default WordPress feed you might like to change to the feedburner feed instead (for my sake, feedburner have good stats). Thanks.

New feed address:

(PS. I’ll be adding a feedburner feed for comments shortly).


Pandora Hacks

February 26, 2007

I just did a Google search on “Pandora Hack” – it pulled up this sweet utility that will write the Pandora tracks to Mp3 files as they are played. Booyah. I’m still loving Pandora.

(I’m hoping these are still working – I can’t try them out until the broadband at home gets up and running again, which is a couple of weeks away!).

See also Technophilia: 15 ways to get more out of Pandora, which gives some useful tips on extending Pandora. I’d especially agree with point #2 (something I’ve noticed):

Shut it down: Turn Pandora completely off about once every two hours. The player tends to get, for lack of a better term, stuck, and doesn’t do as good a job finding your stuff the longer it plays. Turning it off and on every once in a while seems to resolve this issue.

There’s also the Pandora Roundup which also looks to have some more useful extensions and hacks.

Using WordPress as a CMS: Investigation

February 22, 2007

I’ve recently thought about redesigning a fansite of someone elses. Their design is running on geocities and looking very old, but it has some fantastic unique content.

By utilising WordPress as a CMS I get the advantage of WordPress’ easy to use admin interface for this other person to use themselve, and if necessary I also get the option of utilising to host the website.

At the moment I’m researching exactly how Wordpress can be utilised as a CMS – the following readings look to be a good place to start:

Other things to think about are:

  • User Management
  • Hacking “the Loop
  • An integrated Forum (which I’ll be looking into separately later)
  • Using posts vs. pages

Installing Drupal

February 22, 2007

After my failed attempt at installing Koha, I downloaded the latest stable Drupal release. Drupal was a very simple install (so much so it’s not even worth writing a “how to” about!).

I’ve only managed to have a brief look at the admin interface and back-end of Drupal, but so far I’m not finding it as intuitive as WordPress.

Installing Koha

February 22, 2007

Having a test server set up on my home PC, I thought I’d try installing Koha and have a play around with it.

There’s a Windows install package for Koha which I downloaded and ran. It appears to be a straight-forward install… except for one catch. The install appears to rely on Apache, and ActivePerl to be installed in specific drive locations in order for the install to correctly amend various configuration files.

Unfortunately my Apache/PHP/MySQL server configuration is not installed in the default C:\ locations, so the Koha install from the Windows.exe file did not work.

I browsed around online to try and find a “quick fix” to the problem, namely the content I would need to input into the apache httpd.conf, koha.conf, and myini.conf files manually. Unfortunately I didn’t find the necessary content for these files anywhere.

I’m aware that Koha has a number of mailing lists and forums I could use to help me out with this, but I think perhaps playing with Koha may just have to wait until I can set up a server on a standalone box (as opposed to my every-day laptop on which it runs at the moment).

 Le sigh.