Installing Koha

Having a test server set up on my home PC, I thought I’d try installing Koha and have a play around with it.

There’s a Windows install package for Koha which I downloaded and ran. It appears to be a straight-forward install… except for one catch. The install appears to rely on Apache, and ActivePerl to be installed in specific drive locations in order for the install to correctly amend various configuration files.

Unfortunately my Apache/PHP/MySQL server configuration is not installed in the default C:\ locations, so the Koha install from the Windows.exe file did not work.

I browsed around online to try and find a “quick fix” to the problem, namely the content I would need to input into the apache httpd.conf, koha.conf, and myini.conf files manually. Unfortunately I didn’t find the necessary content for these files anywhere.

I’m aware that Koha has a number of mailing lists and forums I could use to help me out with this, but I think perhaps playing with Koha may just have to wait until I can set up a server on a standalone box (as opposed to my every-day laptop on which it runs at the moment).

 Le sigh.

One Response to Installing Koha

  1. natacha says:

    Hello. I try to install Koha too. But with the Windows install package for Koha , i didn’t managed to something because I had the same mistakes as you. So I try to install Koha with easyphp or just with Mysql and Apache thanks to this guide : (I downloaded the files named “ici”).
    I advise you this way because there is less mistakes.

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