Using Wordpress as a CMS: Investigation

February 22, 2007

I’ve recently thought about redesigning a fansite of someone elses. Their design is running on geocities and looking very old, but it has some fantastic unique content.

By utilising WordPress as a CMS I get the advantage of WordPress’ easy to use admin interface for this other person to use themselve, and if necessary I also get the option of utilising to host the website.

At the moment I’m researching exactly how Wordpress can be utilised as a CMS – the following readings look to be a good place to start:

Other things to think about are:

  • User Management
  • Hacking “the Loop
  • An integrated Forum (which I’ll be looking into separately later)
  • Using posts vs. pages

Response to : The “OPAC doesn’t do like Amazon/Google” problem

November 22, 2006

I posted a response to Opacula’s recent post The “OPAC doesn’t do like Amazon/Google” problem. My comment covers what I think really, but I can totally see where Opacula is coming from with this.

Coming from a special library background, I’m often irritated at the lack of customisation or experimentation done by special librarian’s with regards to their online catalogue(s) and other tech-tools they should be using. This is usually due, in my experience, to the lack of IT skills in the library… and relying on an in house IT team to help you out is usually totally out of the question. Mostly because of a lack desire to explore and experiment with new technology from the IT team, who is too focussed on security and procedure, or because they have no clue about what the library does or what it wants to achieve.