Mobile Media

March 15, 2007

It was a sad day in my life yesterday… my iPod died.

After some heavy use over the last year or so, in which it recently survived my rather cack-handed (yet successful) attempt at replacing a knackered battery, the play/pause button finally stopped working. And when I tried to re-open the case as I had done to replace the battery, I committed the cardinal sin of ripping the electronic taple connecting the scroll-wheel to the battery panel, ensuring my iPod was royally f**cked :(

The demise of the iPod had got me thinking about what to replace it with. I would seriously reconsider buying another iPod, they are as sexy as hell, but I wasn’t that impressed with the short life-span of my original, and the difficulty in replacing what should be easy-to-replace parts (ie. the ones most likely to crap out – e.g. the battery). So what shall I get instead?

I’ve been playing with my Sony Ericsson k750i lately – I’ve loaded the Gmail app and Shozu onto it – the idea being that whilst travelling around Europe I can keep (myself and other people) up-to-date and post photo’s and messages online easily (either via txt [sms] or these java apps). Which has got me thinking about other devices I could be using to keep mobile, as I’ve decided I’m not lugging my laptop around with me for three months backpacking through Europe, and would it be wise to have a device that can keep me mobile (ie. online) and play music and play movies and possibly even do a bit of gaming.

So I’ve been looking at the Sony PSP as such an option, it looks pretty, does music and videos, has wi-fi (but does it handle the web very well… I’d definitely want it to cope with uploading to Flickr, YouTube, and maybe even writing emails, and blog posts; or is the wi-fi only good for multiplayer gaming). Do a search for “sony psp” and “hack” or “homebrew” and you’ll start to see the PSP can be used for a lot more than music movies and games. However, UMD (proprietry Sony movie format for the PSP) sucks, and do I really need a gaming machine – nice to have, but a bit indulgent.

Should I just stick to ye olde internet cafes – cos if the PSP ain’t no good at picking up free wi-fi I’m going to have to be visiting those anyway, in which case, it would be just as easy to use a cafe’s PC. In which case, should I just be looking at another iPod or a variation thereof??



December 4, 2006

I want one! And apparently it works with Pandora too, which I have been playing at work lately, and am liking.

I don’t think I’ll manage to get a freebie Sonos set like Ethan Kaplan from Warner Bros. records did though.. sigh.

I don’t have a house to put it in anyway yet. Maybe by the time I can afford a house, I’ll be able to buy a Sonos (or similar) unit.