Goodbye Sweet Pandora…

May 4, 2007

It was great while it lasted, I couldn’t have made it through the last eight months of tedious work without you xox


Pandora Hacks

February 26, 2007

I just did a Google search on “Pandora Hack” – it pulled up this sweet utility that will write the Pandora tracks to Mp3 files as they are played. Booyah. I’m still loving Pandora.

(I’m hoping these are still working – I can’t try them out until the broadband at home gets up and running again, which is a couple of weeks away!).

See also Technophilia: 15 ways to get more out of Pandora, which gives some useful tips on extending Pandora. I’d especially agree with point #2 (something I’ve noticed):

Shut it down: Turn Pandora completely off about once every two hours. The player tends to get, for lack of a better term, stuck, and doesn’t do as good a job finding your stuff the longer it plays. Turning it off and on every once in a while seems to resolve this issue.

There’s also the Pandora Roundup¬†which also looks to have some more useful extensions and hacks.