Second Life…

January 9, 2007

… I didn’t really get it either.

I’m admitting this after reading the latest post from Information Wants to be Free:

Meridith said:

I had gone into Second Life while doing research for my book and I really didn’t enjoy my experience in there. But everyone was raving so much about it and it was starting to feel very (I’m not sure if this is the right word) false to me.

I mean, I totally enjoy RPGs, but the faffing around it took to create the ‘right’ look for my avatar I just couldn’t be bothered perservering with the world. I’m tempted to think this  may have been related to the speed of my broadband connection – but hey, I’m in the UK and my speed aint that bad. How people back home in NZ are coping, I can’t imagine. Maybe Second Life’s age is still yet to come, like broadband speeds have opened up YouTube to the masses, further processing and speeds will make Second Life more accessable.