Using Wordpress as a CMS: Investigation

February 22, 2007

I’ve recently thought about redesigning a fansite of someone elses. Their design is running on geocities and looking very old, but it has some fantastic unique content.

By utilising WordPress as a CMS I get the advantage of WordPress’ easy to use admin interface for this other person to use themselve, and if necessary I also get the option of utilising to host the website.

At the moment I’m researching¬†exactly how¬†Wordpress can be utilised as a CMS – the following readings look to be a good place to start:

Other things to think about are:

  • User Management
  • Hacking “the Loop
  • An integrated Forum (which I’ll be looking into separately later)
  • Using posts vs. pages

Great Example of a Wordpress Archive

December 2, 2006

Whilst looking for free web icons, I found this great example of a WordPress ‘Archive’ page. It’s headed up: Chronology, Folksonomy, Taxonomy. A beautifully succinct and accurate organisation. I’ll be using that idea.

It’s also well organised, so I must remember the Archives plugin being used is apparently: Extended Live Archives.